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The time is NOW! The need is GREAT! Help us "Make Dreams Real" through membership growth in 2008-2009!

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PDG Mark Kriebel
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RRIMC, Zone 32

RI Presidential Membership Conference - A Great Success!

Hundreds of Rotarians gathered at the Greenbelt, Maryland Marriott on March 28-29 for the last Presidential Membership Conference of the 2008-2009 Rotary year.

Inspirational messages from President D. K. Lee and Director Mike Colasurdo were well received by all in attendance committed to "making membership dreams real" this year. Director Mike reminds all of us that we must keep our efforts focused on retention of our members through the end of the year!

President D. K. summed it up best, while stating his ambitious membership goal of 10% net growth was "...reaching for the stars. By setting our goals high, we might not reach the stars, but we will reach the moon".

Congratulations to Conference Chair Toni McAndrew and her committee for a job well done!

RI President D. K. Lee

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

PDG Jim Yarmus' Membership Strategies

Making Dreams Real for Membership
Visions and Processes by
PDG Dr. Jim Yarmus 845-300-6666 drjamesjyarmus@yarmusconsulting.com

The Steps that worked
.Share your passion for what Rotary does
.Build trust in you as a Rotarian for Life
.Explain why YOU became a Rotarian
.Tell details of your earlier years in Rotary
.Loose any shyness about showing emotion
.The heart comes first, the wallets will follow
.Share Your Visions and Plans, then make
them real for potential new members
.Help members find their ideal committee

Creating new clubs: Extensions
.Find those who care as much as you care
.Learn and teach how to form new clubs
.Appoint Special Representatives
.Finding a Sponsoring Club is best
.Always communicate with RI staff
.Learn from www.rotary.org
.Find preferred committee for members

Enjoy the Adventure-Have Fun
.Your team and RI are today and the future
.Clubs represent their own communities
.Members should work on what they do best
.The local community is first, then the world
.Use the Classification Survey as a tool to find
new members and to learn about yourself
.Explain your ideas, seek feedback, listen
.When you are asked for help, give it freely

Modern Speed of Communication
.Each club must have an information person
.Allow members to opt out of Emails
.Provide a website that all can use/enjoy
.Website Features: Spotlight on a member,
Glad and Sad Tidings, Club news, and Photos
.Find a responsive Webmaster (Spidy)
.Retain a sense of humor, help your DG
.Engage each member on their favorite work

Provisional Clubs with Deadlines
.Governors create the Provisional Clubs
.Get Charter date deadlines from those clubs
.RI makes them chartered when they are 20
.Use form 808en in www.rotary.org
.Try hard to do it everything right, seek help
.Ask everyone to get members into the club
.Then listen, watch, adapt and act as needed
.Facilitate information to join committees

Some obvious YES answers
.Can a new club be formed in your same area?
.Should you reach out to “unusual” trades?
.Should you try again to form a club where
previous attempts did not succeed?
.Should you keep a record of your efforts?
.Are programs and fun really important?
.Should you ALWAYS seek new members?
.Should new members become active?

Keep Rotary Terms Simple
.Assist others to understand the Rotary ways
.Avoid sounding like alphabet soup
.Take questions, never look down on anyone
.Make yourself accessible by cell, fax, Email
.Do not fear “not knowing”, never wing it
.Provide recognition with praise, print, gifts
.Seek fellowship with new and old members
.Help members to join a committee soon

Information and Resources
.On line resources are vast, so use them
.Your website and your briefcase are fine
repositories of your valuable knowledge
.Your enthusiasm and caring are role models
.Save your “Rotarian” magazines for others
.Invite speakers to became Rotarians
.Volunteer your time, not just your wallet
.All Rotarians are leaders. How do you lead?

A little planning goes a long way
.Form a committee of “door to door” volunteers
to find members who live or work near their club
.Obtain demographic data, use interviews
.Find and use 862enin www.rotary.org
.Guess as needed to determine culture, age,
diversity & occupation while seeking members
.Ask barbers, beauticians, store keepers, etc.
.All areas have people who were never asked
.Publicize events, assist other clubs to succeed
.You should partner with other clubs in
membership development efforts and events

Additional Suggestions
.Leave you business card with questions
.Share your success stories with others so the
may learn, avoid mistakes, reach goals faster
.We are a community helping others
.Rotary will be at its best with you in charge
.Share Rotary with those who will join us in
making the world a better place to live
.Help the new member find out how to do that

Ways to Reach Me
.PDG Dr. James J. Yarmus (Jim)
.Cell Phone: 845-300-6666
.Fax: 845-230-6616
.Rotary Club of Spring Valley, NY, 10977
.District 7210-Hudson Valley, NY


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Great stuff!

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Greg Roche said...

Fellow District Leaders

I highly recommend you add this blog link to your district website. These folks have done a good job on this and it is packed with valuable membership information.

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